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Jennifer Borg

Sweet Dreams Journal - Tan

Sweet Dreams Journal - Tan

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Say hello to my individual evening practice, a creation that I am bringing home to you. This special journal is available in three beautiful styles that I know you'll love. This journal is designed to help you set intentions, reflect on your day while practicing being in a loving state of pure gratitude. Let it inspire you to make time for the things you love. Each day features prompts that you'll be inspired to put pen to paper as you embark on this evening journey and script away. Write your ideas, feelings, thoughts, notes and discoveries on the blank spaces provided. Keep it handy by your bedside, where your phone is kept away, a time of the day when you can't be interrupted and simply embrace this special ritual just before bedtime. Setting tomorrow up for success. 

All three journals are identical inside and just have different journal titles/colours.

Evening Ritual ~ N U D E

Sweet Dreams ~ T A N

Golden Nights ~ B L A C K

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